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About me:

     I am a South Carolina licensed acupuncturist with a wonderful husband and three beautiful grown children.  I've been working as a Registered Professional Nurse since 1980.  As a Registered Nurse I've witnessed and felt helpless to the suffering of the patients I cared for.  In 2013, a dear friend and fellow nurse introduced me to the possibility of relieving this suffering through Acupuncture and I became determined to learn a new method of helping my patients live a healthier life.

     I pursued a Master of Science in Acupuncture with Tri-State College of Acupuncture in Manhatten, one of the oldest Acupuncture Schools in the United States.

     I chose Tri-State for it's perfect blend of classical and modern styles.  Students of Acupuncture are trained in Traditional Chinese Medicine which is also known as TCM, KM which is a gentle Japanese style known as KM or Kikko Matsumoto stle and Acupuncture Physical Medicine also known as APM which is a more modern Meridian based style of Acupuncture developed by the school founder, Mark Seem Ph.D.  In this last syle, I was taught proficiency in the trigger point methods of Dr. Janet Travell which many refer to as dry needling or a method of releasing musculoskelatal trigger points.

     I have been dedicated to patient care for over twenty five years and will dedicate myself to your care as I would my own family.  Pain takes a terrible toll on a life and warrants the exploration of alternative and holistic methods of treatment.




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